Annex Backyard Office

The Annex is our simplest backyard garden office. An effective simple structure where you can get work done. We have stripped out the unnecessary to be able to deliver exactly what you need quickly and effectively.

Basic backyard office model
Annex 1 Annex Backyard Office
Basic backyard office model
Annex Dark Red 3 Annex Backyard Office
Annex interior Annex Backyard Office
Basic backyard office model
Backyard office 8x12 v1 Page 2 scaled Annex Backyard Office
Metal cladding colors Annex Backyard Office
Annex Backyard Office
Annex 1
Annex Backyard Office
Annex_Dark Red_3
Annex interior
Annex Backyard Office
Backyard office 8x12_v1_Page_2
Metal cladding colors
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Annex Backyard Office Details:

  • 12′ x 8′ layout gives plenty of work space at the same time as not needing a building permit.
  • Steel entry door and two 2’ x 4’ single drop windows on the front wall.
  • A 65 mil thick EPDM roof to protect against the elements keeping snow and rain out.
  • Roof drip all the way around in slate grey to steer rain away from the roof. We also put drip edge above the windows and doors.
  • Insulation is Rockwool R22 for walls, floor and roof. Framing is 2×6’s all-round with 16in framing for skid and roof, 24” framing for the walls.
  • Interior finish is 3/8” fine sanded plywood painted white for the walls and ceiling. Wall corners and wall to ceiling joints have ¾” coving. 2.5” white trim around windows and baseboards.
  • Flooring is 3.5mm grey wood effect vinyl planks.


12′ x 8′ Annex Backyard Office $14,850


  • Add an extra 2’ x 4’ window for $460 ea
  • Electrical package $1600
  • Ground-screws to support structure $1,716