Backyard Sheds and Backyard Workshops

A backyard shed or backyard workshop can be so much. A shed can be a place to keep the lawn mower, to keep the garden chairs and hang up a few tools. A shed can also be a place to use those tools to make and fix. A shed can be what you want it to be.
For many of us a shed is our happy place, its a place where we get to escape a little bit and indulge in our hobby. Your hobby and now businesses could be making prefabricated sheds and workshops or something more common like model making or a space to fix your tools and toys.

Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed
Block render from front left of 360 Shed

The 360 Backyard Shed or Backyard Workshop

The 360 is our all year shed. Constructed from pre-assembled panels with R22 for the walls and R28 for floor skid and roof. The shed is finished with ¾” plywood sheathing on the walls to give you plenty of space to hang tools and equipment. The floor too is ¾” ply to give a strong base to support workshop equipment. If you request it, we can add additional cross braces to the floor at the pre-assembly stage to reinforce the floor. One large 3 foot by 4 foot fixed or slide window is fitted to provide plenty of natural light to work by. The window can be placed on the front and side walls to best meet how you want to use the shed or workshop.

Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed img G
Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed img E
Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed img C
Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed
Modular Prefabricated Backyard Workshop Shed img 4
Elevation details 360 Backyard Workshop and Shed
Metal cladding colors Backyard Sheds and Workshops Calgary, Edmonton & B.C.
360 Shed v1G
360 Shed v1E
360 Shed v1C
360 Shed v1B
360 Shed Render 1
360 Shed v1 Elevation details
Metal cladding colors
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The Skinny Backyard Shed or Backyard Workshop

The skinny shed is our most straightforward offering, we have kept it light and simple. A 8 foot by 12 foot footprint on a strong base structure. A roller door is used so you can get equipment in and out, a standard steel door for entry and a large fixed window for light. The walls and floor are upgraded from industry standard ½ inch sheeting to ¾” ply. The skinny is the perfect starting point for someone looking for a shed they can turn into something special or just use as it is.

Pricing and Options


  • The Skinny Shed starts at $7,200
  • The 360 Shen starts at $8,600
  • Electrical installation is not included in the shed cost. We can can quote separately for electrical installation
  • Delivery and assembly will depend on your location


  • Option 1 $1,812
  • Option 2 $700
  • Upgrade to Philips Hue Lighting as part of electrical installation $1,160
  • Supply and install Screw piles $1,760