Backyard Studios and Bunkies

Who doesn’t need a space to escape to, somewhere to get away from it all and immerse themselves in tranquility?

One backyard studio is never going to be the same as any other backyard studio.  We have called this smaller studio the Erica studio after my Grandmother. Designing it I imagined as space that she would enjoy somewhere to quietly write emails to family, reads a book or entertain friends.

We went a simple 8’x12’ structure so there are no permitting issues. Large patio doors at the front and 2 side windows give all the light most people will want. A simple flat roof with and extended front overhang gives a modern look. It can be finished in almost as many variations as you can imagine. Here we have gone with simple wood paneling, with metal corners and flashing.

Modular Prefabricated Backyard Studio
Block render from front left of Studio E

Your gardens studio should not be a cookie cutter structure, it should be somewhere special where the only limitation is your imagination.

Design options:

  • Full Customization
    The prefab modular design we use means we can change up the Windows, Doors, Floor Plan, Orientation, Insulation, Cladding and Finishing to meet your needs.
  • Hassle Free
    12′ x 8′ layout gives plenty of creative space at the same time as not needing a building permit.
  • Designed for round year use
    Designed for Canadian life with R22 and R28 insulation or more.

Modular Prefabricated tall backyard studio office
Studio Cottage with prow gable roof
Simple prefabricated cottage style garden studio
Modular Prefabricated Backyard Garden Studio
Studio E Side view
Studio E Front view
Studio E quick render
Studio E line view
Elevation details Erica Studio
Metal cladding colors Backyard Studios and Bunkies
Tall studio with french garden doors and sloped roof
Studio cottage with prow gable roof
Cottage studio with gable roof
Backyard Studio Erica E1 600
Backyard Studio Erica E5 600
Backyard Studio Erica E3 600
Backyard Studio Erica E4 600
Backyard Studio Erica E2 600
Studio Erica v1
Metal cladding colors
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Backyard Studio prices and options

Our Studio costs $9,500 for the basic 12’x8′ structure.
Windows and doors are priced separately as there is such wonderful variation in what each design will need. Special roofs will also affect the price.

Electrical installation is not included in the studio cost. We can can quote separately for electrical installation.


  • Upgrade to Philips Hue Lighting as part of electrical installation $1,160
  • Supply and install Screw piles $1,760
  • Please download our options form to understand all the options available BOS&S Options Form

Backyard or Garden Bunkie

Bunkie is a great solution if you need an extra space for family of guests to stay. A bunkie can be anything from a little luxurious to a rustic retreat to somewhere the grandkids can call their own. Typically we make our bunkies 10 foot tall with a raised platform at one one end to put a mattress reached by a simple ladder. French doors and lots of windows give plenty of light and air to keep things cool in the summer. 6″ walls fully insulated with a wrap round vapor permeable barrier keep things warm and comfortable through the year.
A bunkie is a chance to go glamping at home!

Bunkie 3 Backyard Studios and Bunkies
Bunkie 5 Backyard Studios and Bunkies
Bunkie 4 Backyard Studios and Bunkies
Bunkie 1 Backyard Studios and Bunkies
Bunkie 2 Backyard Studios and Bunkies
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Prefab Backyard Studio Construction

We design our Backyard Studios and Bunkies using modular units, so the main structure units are prefabricated in the shop. This has big advantages, it speeds up the work we do at site, allowing us to control costs better. It also makes for a far better-quality product. Working in a shop there are less variables such as weather and we can used jigs and fixtures to ensure accuracy and ensure dimensions are the same from one side of the studio to the other.