Top 10 Questions about Backyard Offices

These are the top ten questions we have been asked about Backyard Offices and Studios 1.    What do I do about WiFi? Yes, you will have WiFi in your office assuming you have it at home. There are 2 ways to go:Option 1 is to use mesh routers. The nice thing about mesh routers is … Read more

Construction Permits for Backyard Offices

Construction permits for Backyard Offices and Garden Studios are often viewed as a bit of a confusing world. The good news is that in most Canadian jurisdictions a planning permit is not required for a structure with a footprint of less than 10 m2 (107 sq. ft.) which is how we design our structures. Common Jurisdiction/City … Read more

12 Factors to consider when designing your own Backyard Office

There is more to designing a backyard office than just picking one and saying that one. There is the size, shape, position, and orientation of the office to arrive at. And then there is the size, shape, number, positioning and orientation of the windows and door to define. All of these are going to be … Read more