10 Great things about working from your own Backyard Office

Working from your own backyard office is different to working from any other space. Even better than working from a converted bedroom or basement room. Here are X reasons working from a Backyard Office is the best:

1.    Best coffee ever

Does the coffee at work suck? No chance to head out to Starbucks or the independent coffee shop? With a Backyard Office you now have choices. Nip back to the house and make a great cup of coffee there or now you have the space grab a mini fridge to keep the milk and coffee grinds in and a mini De’Longhi Espresso machine and you are set.

2.    Best Zoom backgrounds

If you are working from the kitchen or dinning table your Zoom meeting background is probably not going to be a professional as you want it to be. Having your own space that background can be what you want. Want to show off those professional qualifications put them in the background, want to appear family focused for one client then up goes the kid’s drawings, it’s your choice now.

3.    No one comments when

There is not judgement in a Backyard Office.

4.    Set the temperature as you want it

Women and men typically want rooms set to different temperatures, now you get to choose what is most comfortable for you.

5.    Space to do your job well

With your own office you can have a standard desk, a long work bench or a meeting table, you get to choose what works best for you.

6.    An ergonomic, well setup desk

Your kitchen or dining table is not ergonomic, even the desk at a work share is not going to be ergonomically set up for you. Your own work desk will be, you’ll get to choose the height that works for you see this or you can have a standing desk.

7.    An office window with a view

With a Backyard Office you get a window seat every day and you get to look out of it whenever you want.

8.    The quiet

Your own office can be as quiet as you want it to be. If it is a little too quiet then turn on a white noise machine or have the radio on quiet in the background, it’s your choice.
And the opposite if you work best with rock music blaring you go for it.

9.    The commute

The commute to the Backyard Office will sure beat being stuck in traffic along Deerfoot/Anthony Henday/HWY 99 or 91.

10.   Only downside is you can’t say “I got stuck in traffic”

Ok there is a downside to your own Backyard Office, you will never get to use the excuse that you got stuck in traffic and sorry someone is going to have a shovel the snow for you. But that is not too bad a downside.