Jasper Backyard Studio

Our brand-new design the Jasper Backyard Studio is coming together. The Jasper brings together the best elements of European studio design, German engineering, and Canadian materials. Renderings will be posted the end of April/ start of May and Unit one will be built early June.

The Jasper Backyard Studio uses German engineered glazing, so that nearly all of the front wall is glazed. This is German quality UPVC frames strengthened with steel inserts. The front glazing consists of 5’6″ patio door and 2 picture windows. These can be upgraded to tilt and turn. Doors are secured with German locks and come with insect screens.

European construction methods mean we can erect a studio in just about any location. Uneven ground we can level out with ground screws. Difficult access, as long as there is a path we can walk along we can get everything we need to site, no need for craning into position. Studios are delivered as pre-fabricated flat packs ready to be assembled. So, there is minimum cutting or painting on site. Less noise, disturbance, dust, and waste.

Canadian weather is tough, a challenge of temperature extremes, high and low humidity, rain, hail, snow, and wind. You need to be able to protect against all these elements. To do that we use LP SmartSide for our cladding, it is a super tough, super popular siding material used by many homebuilders. The roof is metal clad and white. A bad hailstorm may add the odd dent but that’s it. And the white paint in summer is there to reflect heat helping to keep things cool. Winter days are kept in check with effective insulation, minimum R22 Rockwall in the floor and walls, with the roof being R30.

Jasper B Jasper Backyard Studio
Jasper A Jasper Backyard Studio
Jasper C Jasper Backyard Studio
Standard Colour options for siding and metal cladding
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Jasper C
Metal cladding colors
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Jasper Backyard Studio Details:

  • 12′ x 8′ layout gives plenty of work space at the same time as not needing a building permit.
  • Fully glazed front wall allows in a terrific amount of light
  • A slopping (1:12) gradient metal roof. The roof is insulated with R30 closed cell foam.
  • The roof has a 16″ overhang at the front and 5″s on the sides, the underside of the overhangs is varnished pine to give good natural look.
  • Walls are clad in LP SmartSide panels, these can be painted in our standard colours or on request your own choice of colours.
  • There is a choice for the cladding panels between the standard ‘Cedar Texture’ we use and ‘Smooth Finish” panels.
  • The walls are finished as board and batten with battens every 24″, this gives a real nice detail to the backyard office.
  • Insulation is Rockwool R22 for walls, floor and roof. Framing is 2×6’s all-round with 16in framing for skid and roof, 24” framing for the walls.
  • Interior finish is either mdf sheet or 3/8” fine sanded plywood painted white for the walls and ceiling. Wall corners and wall to ceiling joints have ¾” coving. 2.5” white trim around windows and baseboards.
  • Flooring is Shaded Oak 8mm Thick Laminate flooring with underlay


12′ x 8′ Jasper Backyard Studio fully glazed “Euro” style front wall and side 2′ x 3′ tilt and turn window $25,700

12′ x 8′ Jasper Backyard Studio with double 5′ patio doors $23,450

12′ x 8′ Jasper Backyard Studio with 5′ patio door and 4 foot by 4 foot vinyl window $22,850

Material prices are constantly changing this price is based on a 8′ 2×6 at $15 and a 2’x8′ OSB board at $70. If prices are above or below we will need to adjust appropriately


  • Electrical package – see electrical page
  • Ground-screws to support structure $1,716
  • Add a 3’x2′ side window for $650