Vancouver Backyard Studio Office

The client wanted something special almost backyard cabin

This backyard office was build to fit into the narrow side of the customer’s backyard with the customer going with special 10′ x 8′ size. To give it the cabin feeling the walls were paneled with pine tongue and groove paneling. And the ceiling was finished with fir ply that was sanded smooth (220 grit) and then stained and varnished to really bring out the grain.

Backyard Office in workshop Vancouver Backyard Studio Office
Backyard studio office in the workshop

The electrical rough in work was done in Calgary by a ‘Technical Safety BC’ registered company. The rough in work includes installation of the electrical panel, interior lighting, electric receptacles, smoke and carbon monoxide detector and exterior lighting, switches and cabling. The electrical work was then ready the home owner’s electrical contractor to do the fine wiring and hook up to the mains as per code.
If you are interested we do have a Vancouver electrical contractor who can do the final wiring, hook up and permitting for you.

Like any other backyard studio or office we do, everything started with a chat, going through some options. Below is one of the first designs the customer described.

8x10 patio peaked roof layout
8×10 patio peaked roof layout

The chat expanded and a few more ideas where tried out, the on below almost being exactly what the client wanted.

Last changes before production started were to just go with 2 windows, the back window would have been up against a hedge and not worked and to move the windows from the back of the structure to the center. Quick and easy things to change before ordering the windows and starting any manufacturing.

8x10 studio with French garden doors
8×10 studio with French garden doors v2

Then we got working in the shop. A few more discussions were had to confirm colors before everything was painted. We actually try and paint as we go it means we can do a better job and its easier to paint panels on a work bench than having to use a pair of step ladders. This too means we reduce our labour costs, something we get to pass onto the customer.

After manufacturing it was time to load it onto a low loader truck and get it over to Vancouver. For this job I followed the truck to be on hand to see delivery all went well, and it did with no problems.

Craning office 2 Vancouver Backyard Studio Office

Craning was done by the excellent team at Eagle Cranes. Extremely professional in their set up, to the point where they repositioned their crane when it was almost all set up because they were not one hundred percent confident in its position and could see a better position for the crane. Professionalism like that is really reassuring when you are dealing with 4000 odd pounds of wood and hard work being move around a residential neighborhood. And we had plenty of neighbours come out to see what was happening.

Craning Vancouver Backyard Studio Office

Once the studio was in the backyard we could get on with the job of unwarpping it. For shipping we use a lighter inner set of tarps and panels to protect the glass and the paint. The shipping company covers the structure with a heavy tarp that can damage paint but protects it from any road debris.

A little bit of paint touch up, and a check that everything was true and we were ready to hand the studio over to the customer.

Delta A Vancouver Backyard Studio Office

The last thing to happen will be for the BC electricians to do the final install and connect up to the mains. That’s why you can’t see the lights at the front overhang.

Backyard office delivery Vancouver Backyard Studio Office

And there it is. Not to forget the door handles and taking away the tarp 🙂