West Bow Backyard Office

The West Bow Backyard Office is a beautiful backyard office with a taller front and sloping roof. A mix of modern and contemporary design to look right at home at your home. The West Bow Office can be configured in many ways and is offered in our Contemporary and Custom finishes

We did this office for a client (sorry no pictures dohhh) and like it so much we decided to make our own version. The West Bow is a little taller than our normal offices with a 9’ foot height at the front, sloping down to 7’ at the back. The roof is shingled. We gave it windows, lots of windows, 4 in total.

Westbow office Perspective 1 Web WP West Bow Backyard Office
Westbow office Perspective 2 Web WP West Bow Backyard Office
Westbow office Front Web WP West Bow Backyard Office
Westbow office layout Web WP West Bow Backyard Office
Westbow office perspect 3 Web WP West Bow Backyard Office
Westbow office Perspective 1 (Web WP)
Westbow office Perspective 2 (Web WP)
Westbow office Front (Web WP)
Westbow office layout (Web WP)
Westbow office perspect 3 (Web WP)
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West Bow Backyard Office Details:

  • An 8 foot by 12 foot footprint. LP Smart panel external cladding painted color of your choice, with white corner, door, and window trim.
  • Steel entry door, two 2’ x 4’ windows on the front wall and one window on each of the two shorter walls
  • Lap cladding is used on the front and side walls with baton and board cladding for the back wall.
  • The roof features a 1 in 4 slope and shingled. Ice and water barrier is used over the whole of the roof with 25 year shingles. Upgrading to hail resistant shingles is an option if you live in a hail prone area.
  • The front overhang is 12”s and the side and back overhangs 6”. Roof drip edge is slate grey.
  • Insulation is Rockwool R22 for walls, floor and roof. Framing is 2×6’s all-round with 16in framing for skid and roof, 24” framing for the walls.
  • Interior finish is 3/8” fine sanded plywood painted white for the walls and ceiling. Wall corners and wall to ceiling joints have ¾” coving. 2.5” white trim around windows and baseboards.
  • Customer to supply or specify flooring

The West Bow is available in our contemporary finish as above or as a custom finish.

These designs we see as only being starting points for you to design the backyard office that works for you.


12′ x 8′ West Bow Backyard Office $18,950


  • Ground-screws to support structure $1,716
  • Please download our options form to understand all the options available BOS&S Options Form