Wood Shed

Something different a wood-shed

Not all sheds we do are prefabricated in the shop and assembled on site. This one was a bit different. The challenge was make as good a wood shed can be a wood shed with the material and tools on hand. Sometimes something “bodged” together has its own special charm.

Wood Shed 2
Wood shed other angle

Notice the steep roof angle just like an alpine house so the snow will not overload the roof. The wood shed is up the Columbia Valley and will get far more snow accumulation than we would expect in Alberta and no Chinooks to help lessen the load.

Wood Shed 3 1 Wood Shed

The picture was taken in October as we were working at loading it up with wood to get through the winter.
The picture below show the snow-curl starting to happen at the back of the wood shed

Snow curl
snow curling off wood shed