Yoho Backyard Office

The Yoho Backyard Office is a great get it done garden office. An effective simple structure where you can work, rest or play. We have stripped out the unnecessary to be able to deliver exactly what you need quickly and effectively.

If you are looking for a backyard office, a garden studio, she shed, man cave or an extra hoppy space the Yoho Backyard Office will do the job for you. The Yoho is designed with performance, value, and delivery in mind.

The design is performance led. The design matches or exceeds building standards. The roof is metal clad with R30 insulation, the walls have R22 insulation as does the floor. We wrap the building using an adhesive membrane and all joints sealed with sealant to ensure we have a tight building envelope and no drafts.

We can offer the Yoho as an excellent value proposition by using commercially available components. This means lower cost, lower inventory costs which we can pass on to you the customer.

We can deliver the Yoho to almost any location. Because we do all the hard work in our Calgary factory our focus when we get to your backyard can be on getting things right. So what does delivery look like? Day 1 we make sure the foundations are good and level, the skid goes in, next the walls and the roof. Day 2 is patio doors, windows, and the interior. Day 3 you can move in.

Yoho Backyard Office
Yoho Backyard Office with Twin Patio Doors
Yoho Backyard Office
Yoho Backyard Office with Twin Patio Doors
Yoho early1 Yoho Backyard Office
Annex Dark Red 3 Yoho Backyard Office
Standard Colour options for siding and metal cladding
Yoho WF1
Yoho Twin Patio S
Yoho WF2
Yoho Twin Patio C
Yoho early1
Annex_Dark Red_3
Metal cladding colors
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Yoho Backyard Office Details:

  • 12′ x 8′ layout gives plenty of work space at the same time as not needing a building permit.
  • 5 foot wide double glazed patio door, this can be positioned to the right or left of the front wall.
  • A 4 foot by 4 foot double glazed sliding window. Over 60% of the front wall is either window or patio door to let in lots of good natural Light .
  • Or alternatively how about two 5 foot patio doors next to each other to give maximum sunlight and summer warmth and cooling cross breezes.
  • A slopping (1:12) gradient metal roof. The roof is insulated with R30 closed cell foam.
  • Walls are clad in LP SmartSide panels, these can be painted in our standard colours or on request your own choice of colours.
  • There is a choice for the cladding panels between the standard ‘Cedar Texture’ we use and ‘Smooth Finish” panels.
  • The walls are finished as board and batten with battens every 24″, this gives a real nice detail to the backyard office.
  • Roof drip all the way around in slate grey to steer rain away from the roof. We also put drip edge above the windows and doors.
  • Insulation is Rockwool R22 for walls, floor and roof. Framing is 2×6’s all-round with 16in framing for skid and roof, 24” framing for the walls.
  • Interior finish is either mdf sheet or 3/8” fine sanded plywood painted white for the walls and ceiling. Wall corners and wall to ceiling joints have ¾” coving. 2.5” white trim around windows and baseboards.
  • Flooring is hard-wearing wood effect vinyl sheet flooring with secondary underlay.


12′ x 8′ Yoho Backyard Office $17,650
either single patio door and 4 foot window or double patio doors

Material prices are constantly changing this price is based on a 8′ 2×6 at $15 and a 2’x8′ OSB board at $70. If prices are above or below we will need to adjust appropriately


  • Vinyl plank flooring $300
  • Electrical package – see electrical page
  • Ground-screws to support structure $1,716